We have had a number of people ask if they could bring their lists into IP.  The following information has been supplied to let you know the process involved. 

When a request is made to join IP, the following steps are used to process a new potential list

1. A member of the Admin team will evaluate the request to determine:

  • Does the list serve health care and more specifically mental health care in some way?
  • Is it non-commercial?

2. If the request passes the two above criteria the Admin member will  

  • Write the requestee and thank them for their interest
  • Indicate that they should review the bylaws at:¬†

3. The requestee will then supply

  • The Admin member with the vitae or bio of the person who will lead the discussion list (the Forum Leader or FL)
  • The following information about the list:
  • An agreement that they will adhere to the bylaw

4. The Admin member will forward the information to the FLs for their discussion and vote. This process normally takes about a week.

6. If the request is granted by the vote

  • Subscribe the new FL to IP-Admin
  • Introduce them to the group