InterPsych Bylaws

InterPsych’s Main Aims

1. To foster interdisciplinary debate and empirical collaboration on all aspects of psychopathology. We believe that an eclectic approach will produce refinements in the theory and practice of psychiatry and clinical psychology.

2. To encourage and promote the use of the vast resources of the Internet by both academics and clinical practitioners. The Internet offers the possibility of rapid dissemination of research findings, and ease in conducting discussions over disciplinary and geographic boundaries.

1.0 Name of the Organization

1.1 InterPsych (hereafter described as IP): The Internet Mental Health


1.2 InterPsych is composed of a group of member electronic Forums which are individually headed by Forum Leader(s). IP as an organization is governed by a Board of Directors composed of 10 Forum Leaders and one Board Member at Large drawn from IP subscribers).

2.0 The Board Level

2.1 Board of Directors:

2.1.1. Members of the Board: Members of the scientific community that represent, as broadly as possible, the many disciplines and countries of origin of the members of the Global Mental Health Community. Each Board member has one vote. The term of office is limited to 2 years. Board members are eligible for re-election after a period of one year. There shall be 11 Members of the Board. 10 of The Board members shall be drawn from the Forum Leaders. One person shall be a member at large and may come from subscriber status.

2.1.2. Executive Committee: Except for the President, the executive committee shall be elected by the Board from the Board members.

a. President. heads the Board of Directors. Elected from the Forum Leaders by the Forum Leaders. The term of office is 1 year. The president is eligible for re-election after two years out of the position.The president has one vote.

b. The Incoming President: The Incoming President is elected one term prior to their assumption of office of President. The Incoming President may assume such functions as the Current President and the incoming President together deem helpful and appropriate. The Incoming President has one vote.

c. Past President: This person assists the current President in their duties and assumes such duties as the current President and past President may together deem appropriate. The Past President has one vote.

d. Secretary to the Board: The role of the Secretary is to archive the contents of the board’s business, post and tabulate votes, and to post regular and timely information about the board’s actions, including the minutes of the regular Board Meetings, to the forum leaders and other appropriate groups.

e. Treasurer for the Board: The duties of the treasurer will be to keep any such accounts that IP may have and to prepare a quarterly statement that shall be forwarded to the Forum Leaders by 1 January, 1 April, 1 July and 1 October (midnight, GMT). The treasurer shall be consulted regarding all grants and contracts gained under the name of IP and shall maintain a list of such that is available upon request for inspection by any Forum Leader or Board Member.

2.3 Technical Consultant to the Board: This position is an appointed position with no term limit. The appointment shall be made following a vote of the full board. This position has voice but no vote. The technical Consultant shall be responsible for advising the Board regarding issues of system operation and distributed data bases, etc. The technical consultant, or an agent thereof, shall provide a bi-annual report showing   (a) the known locations of the IP Forums, (b) the known location of any IP sanctioned Web sites, (c) suggestions regarding near future planning and long-term planning for the technical aspects of IP.

2.4 Virtual Location of the Board: The Board shall maintain a forum for Board business. The location of this list is at the discretion of the  board. Business of the board shall be carried out in this space. Official Bi- Monthly meetings shall be held and the minutes of such posted to the Forum Leaders within 48 hours after the meeting. The mode of the meeting shall be at the discretion of the Board Chair and appropriate for the members of the board. These meetings may be held in synchronous or asynchronous mode.

2.5 Physical Location of the Board: The physical location of the Board shall be the address of the current President or such location at the President shall designate.

2.6 Actions of the Board: The Board is charged and empowered by the Forum Leaders to act on behalf of InterPsych. Any decision that the Board makes must be forwarded to the Forum Leaders within 48 hours of its vote. Implementation of that decision is assumed unless a Forum Leader officially objects. To Officially Object, a board member must file, within 72 hours of receiving notification, a objection with a proposed alternative.

a. Any issue that comes before the Board may be moved to the Forum Leaders for a decision at the discretion of the majority of the Board.

b. The Board is charged and empowered by the Forum Leaders to do the following or to appoint ad hoc committees to do the work:

1. Proposals

a. Issue guidelines for Requests for Proposals
b. Receive Proposals 
c. Decide which proposals IP should enact

2. Generate vision for IP

a. Suggest new directions to Forum Leaders
b. Issue calls for proposals
c. Empower such ad hoc committees as necessary to run IP

3. Oversee Financial Obligations of IP

a. Determine financial plan
b. Oversee financial administration

3.0 Forum Leaders

3.1 InterPsych Forum Leaders

The Forum Leaders shall be those persons who oversee the day to day operations of the various distribution lists of IP. This group shall also be responsible for the election of the President and the Board of Directors.

a. Forum Authority: Forum Leaders have autonomous control over the location and operation of their individual lists as long as they comply with the InterPsych Forum Guidelines set forth by this constitution.

b. Becoming a Forum Leader: Forum Leaders shall apply for membership as a Forum Leader by the following two conditions:

1. Oversee an Professional Forum having to do with Mental Health

2. Agree to abide by the InterPsych Forum Guidelines.

Forum Leaders shall be granted membership based on a simple majority  of the voting Forum Leaders.

3.2.0 The InterPsych Forum Guidelines

3.2.1 In order to be a member is good standing, a Forum Leader must agree to the following rules and conditions in the management of their list:

3.2.2. The content area of the list shall have reference to mental health

3.2.3. The forum leaders shall, to the best of their ability, model and support professional behavior on their lists.

3.2.4. A Forum Leader shall be free to so such scholarly and professional activities as are customary and reasonable in their area of expertise without the approval of the board as long as the actions are represented as belonging to the list, and not to IP as a whole.

3.2.5. Should a Forum Leader wish to act on behalf of all of IP, they must be granted permission by the Board of Directors to do so.

3.2.6. Each list’s opening message will carry a statement about the intent and purpose of InterPsych. Information about where to gain information about the other lists will also be included.

3.2.7 Forum Leaders will participate in the Forum Leaders group and vote (yes, no or abstain) on at least one issue per year (as long as a vote is taken.).

4.0 Operations

4.1 Executive Committee of The Board: This committee is responsible for the ordinary operation of IP. It shall consist of seats representing the Current President; the secretary to the Board; The Treasurer of the Board, the Technical Consultant to the Board.

a. When it is necessary or appropriate for the Executive Committee to represent the Board, they may be empowered by the Board to do so. Decisions must be posted to the Board at large within 48 hours of bring made and approved by the Board and then posted to the Forum Leaders following standard protocol as previously specified.

4.2. Potential Conflict of Interest: It is impossible to assume that every decision that comes before the governance of IP will be divorced from every member. At the discretion of a consensus of the appropriate group, a member may be asked not to vote on an issue by issue basis. It would be a positive act of protocol for a member to recuse one’s self from voting in such case prior to it being necessary for the group to ask that member to abstain from a vote. Members retain at all times, voice on any issue being considered.

5.0 Standing Committees

5.1 InterPsych Website this committee has responsibility for maintaining at least one Website with information about the lists and other IP activities, including a list of the Board of Directors and a list of the Forum Leaders. It shall be updated at least Bi-annually (1 January, 1 July). This committee shall provide information regarding the location of  lists and Websites to for the Technical Consultant for his or her bi-annual report. This committee shall have at least three people, at least two of whom shall be from the Forum Leaders Group. Term of office is 1 year with no limits on re-election.

5.2 Scientific Publications Committee: This committee shall have oversight for the research and publications of InterPsych and shall function as the Institutional Review Board of IP. They shall also be available to advise individual forum leaders regarding publications and research but shall not have jurisdiction over said activities that belong to a particular list and are not identified as activities of InterPsych as a whole. This committee shall have at least three people, at least two of whom shall be from the Forum Leaders Group. Term of office is 1 year with no limits on re-election.

6.0 Subscribers

6.1 Subscribers: these people are those whom belong to one or more of the electronic discussion lists. They shall provide the pool from which Board Member at Large are elected.