This page contains links to web sites that are affiliated to Interpsych

Special Interest Areas

Behavior Analysis is affiliated to the Behavior Analysis (Behav-An) forum and provides information about behavior analysis, psychology, and the application of behavior principles to clinical issues as well as everyday life.

Clinical Psychophysiology is affiliated to the Clinical Psychophysiology forum and provides information about psychophysiological techniques in the fields of Medicine, Psychology, Psychiatry, Social Work, Physical Therapy, Education, and Sport.

Computers In Mental Health has articles and links relating to all aspects of computing applications in mental health. Archives from the CIMH discussion list and a database of nearly 100 programs.

Group psychotherapy and group work. Includes the Group psychotherapy discussion list, bibliography, conferences and links to other pages.

Helplessness is affiliated to the Helplessness forum and provides information about learned helplessness and explanatory style.

Free Associations/Psychoanalysis and the Public Sphere is affiliated to the Psychoanalysis forum and provides information about psychoanalysis.

Psychohistory affiliated to the Psychohistory forum and provides information about the list and its archives.

Psychosoma affiliated to the Psychosoma forum and provides information about psychosomatic and behavioral medicine.

Rural Care is affiliated to the Rural Care forum and provides information for those concerned with health care delivery in remote and developing areas worldwide.

Secondary Traumatic Stress this is affiliated to the Secondary Traumatic Stress forum and provides information about Traumatic and Secondary traumatic stress.

Telehealth is is affiliated to the Telehealth and Telehealthnews forums and provides information about Telemedicine.

The PsychNews International is an independent electronic publication distributed on a regular basis for professionals, students, and other parties interested in the area of mental health. The PsychNews (PN) contains articles on current events in mental health, and updates from relevant Internet discussion groups, as well as original research and theoretical articles. The PN also includes new mental health resources on the Internet conferences.

It can be viewed in Europe from the Editor’s site and there are two mirrors in the US;- and The journal can be emailed to you automatically to for more info send email to this address